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Headlines     Solar Glasses Factory Working Around the Clock to Keep Up With Demand Ahead of Eclipse                         by Inside Edition                  4
Headlines Solar Glasses Factory Working Around the Clock to Keep Up With Demand Ahead of Eclipse by Inside Edition 4

12 August, 2017

"An eclipse is a rare and striking phenomenon you won't want to miss, but you must carefully follow safety procedures". In a memo to the committee, the Department of Livability and Tourism lays out their concerns for the upcoming eclipse - namely traffic - which county officials have already said will be one of the main challenges during the event.

Arizona hasn't experienced a total solar eclipse since June 16, 1806, and won't see another one until July 17, 2205, a period of 399 years.

But no matter how people react in the face of totality, the eclipse will certainly have a profound impact on the United States, one that might be felt for generations to come.

So, according to the maps, where are the best places in the United States to view the solar eclipse?

Williams said the book has showed her what to expect with the August 21 eclipse. It will start in Texas and go in a northeast direction, through OH and up into Canada. Many places that were selling the glasses have sold out. The first 200 people in attendance will receive complimentary tickets for the August 21 evening T-Bones baseball game. David Baron, science reporter and author of "American Eclipse", said.

The Land of Enchantment will only experience a partial eclipse, but the 60 mile wide path of "totality" from OR to SC will be ground zero with numerous telescopes.

For the station crew, the first partial eclipse opportunity will begin at 12:33 am EDT (GMT-4) and end 13 minutes later. The total event will be completed by 2:24 p.m., lasting a total of two hours and 47 minutes. Eastern time. For Buffalo, maximum coverage is 72.1 percent at 2:33:56 p.m.

Join them in the library garden for a viewing party.

The sudden, albeit brief, transformation from day into night has elicited odd behavior in animals in the past. The sky will take on an eerie grayish, dim glow.

It is not every day that the night sky makes an appearance in the middle of the day.

"Seeing a total eclipse - the beauty of it, the awe of it, the humbling of it - seeing how tiny we are, it really puts a lot of things into perspective", Espenak said. Here in the North State, it will be a partial eclipse, with the moon blocking only 90% of the sun's disk.

"It turns out - here's your word for the day: Saros - that the geometry of the Sun and Earth and Moon repeats with a period of 18 years, 11 days and eight hours, nearly exactly".

"So, when the moon is orbiting around the Earth, it actually has an incline compared to that sun-Earth plane [of] about 5 degrees", he explains. But its residents will have a hard time enjoying it if it remains cloudy - the NCEI projects a 57 percent chance of clear skies. In other words, they are not in a straight line.

The totality - meaning complete darkness - only reaches some cities because the geometry of the Earth and moon and how the moon's shadow moves at a constant rate. During the eclipse, scientists will know exactly how much solar radiation is blocked, the area of land it is blocked over and for how long.

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