Nobody Can Believe What Jamie Carragher Called Arsene Wenger Last Night


12 August, 2017

Saturday's draw certainly proved that, for all of Liverpool's quality going forward, they are still weak at the back, and despite Carragher's pleas, signing Van Dijk is of paramount importance.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher believes the addition of summer target Virgil van Dijk won't be an immediate solution to the club's defensive issues.

The Reds' defending for both goals left a lot to be desired and even sparked an argument between former Liverpool players Jamie Redknapp and Jamie Carragher in the Sky Sports studio.

But one moment in particular tickled plenty on social media.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Carragher said: "I don't think they will win the league, but they will have a real title challenge". What have they been working on?'

"You've got Firmino there", Carragher countered.

Carragher was adamant - extremely adamant - that one player, regardless of how good they are, can not solve Liverpool's shaky defence. Watford should've been one-nil up before the corner, nothing changes.

"If you're a centre-back exposed there all the time..."

'It's nearly impossible. What defenders can do that?' Van Dijk will improve it, yeah, but one man can't change it all'. It's not just players making one mistake, the whole system looks wrong and set-pieces are a mess.

"The way Liverpool set up, set-piece-wise, they're always going to concede goals". The manager has been there 18 months now but there has been no change. Carragher was in the process of saying, before Redknapp interrupted him.

"So Liverpool have got to take 15 goals away that they concede year in, year out". I see Virgil van Dijk making a difference to the back four because he is a leader'.

"Whether it's zonal marking, the players he puts in certain positions, the positions of the full-backs in general play are far too high and wide for me, which gets centre-backs exposed".

The former Reds midfielder did, though, have some positive words for Sadio Mane, who made it 1-1 with as superb finish and threatened regularly, as he likened the Senegalese to former Arsenal star Thierry Henry.

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