Scott Pruitt, nemesis of environmentalists, confirmed to lead EPA

In addition to being harshly opposed by environmental groups, Pruitt has found a new enemy: those who hunt and fish. Speaking on the Senate floor, Cory Gardner said that Pruitt has promised to address reimbursements denied by the EPA in the August 2015 disaster's aftermath, and "fulfill the promises that were broken under the Obama Administration".

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7 highlights from Donald Trump's Florida campaign rally

7 highlights from Donald Trump's Florida campaign rally

He held a nationally televised political rally in Melbourne , Fla., on Saturday while spending the weekend at his Florida Mar-a-Lago estate. White House spokesman Sean Spicer says that Trump will i...
Touch bar to replace iconic Apple home home button in iPhone 8

Touch bar to replace iconic Apple home home button in iPhone 8

This version of the iPhone 8 is thought to come with an eye-waveringly high price tag, with previous reports claiming that the device could cost more than $1,000 - primarily due to the cost of t...

Logan: Here's what the critics are saying

There are so many human moments between Xavier, Laura, and Logan that we wish there was more. Gabriela's trying to protect Laura from a group of deadly soldiers - called "reivers" - who also have been harassing Logan . Heavy-handed at times, this is not a fun movie and you'll leave feeling a little battered and bruised yourself. The press screening of Logan was greeted by whoops and cheers and the reporters that backed the press conference that followed were effusive in their praise for ...

LOGAN Finally Gives Wolverine His Due

James Mangold, he of the fairly engrossing 3:10 to Yuma remake, he of the now oft-parodied Oscar nominated biopic Walk the Line , and of course the man behind the camera on 2013's The Wolverine. From that description you may think Logan lacks originality, but using these iconic tropes allows the filmmaker to pay homage not only some of the greatest motion picture visionaries to ever grace the screen, but also to the source material that embedded deep into Wolverine's DNA.

The Bachelor Season 21 episode 6 spoilers: Jasmine makes a shocking confession

Regardless of the tension, both the women stuck around to receive another rose. For his part, Nick said he became uncomfortable during the date. Rachel got the only one-on-one date, and she came off amazingly well. I have to assume that Alexis found that giant Nick poster during the track and field date, but I have no idea how she was able to bring it to the night portion of the date.
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