NASA Discovers 219 New Planets, Including 10 Earth-Size

The findings do not mean that the planets have life, just that the basic requirements for life have been met. The implications of each discovery are rife with possibilities on account of the fact that for every planet detected, between 100 to 200 exoplanets potentially lurk beyond the telescope's reach, according to NASA .

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Raises $100 Million in 13 Weeks

This is just the beginning, with the studio planning to launch Battlegrounds on the Xbox One console (with support for the enhanced X system) before the end of the year. The statement reads the following: "We're excited to announce that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox One". There's no set release date for either of those, however.

Why Do Eggs Have Different Shapes?

However, thanks to a new study conducted by a group of global scientists, we now know that the different shapes of bird eggs is related to each bird's flight ability. Researchers also looked at the bird family tree and compared the shapes of bird eggs across different lineages. To unravel the mystery of egg shape, the researchers used a multi-step, multidisciplinary process, applying tools from computer science , comparative biology, mathematics and biophysics.

Tesla Model S Is 'The Fastest Production Car' On Earth

As Peeters explained: "By the time we finished the attempt, we knew perfectly how to take every turn and roundabout to make sure we drove with the least possible consumption". This is just the tip of the iceberg, as Tesla plans to build many, many more Gigafactories around the globe . The technical Director of Tesla Motors JB Strobel (JB Straubel) recently confirmed that the company has already started production of lithium-ion batteries for the new model electric vehicle Model 3, ...

NASA's Kepler Survey Catalog Reveals 219 New Planet Candidates

There have been almost 50 planets that have been detected as the near-earth zone habitable zone candidates and 30 of them have been verified. " Are we alone? Maybe Kepler, today, has told us indirectly, although we need confirmation, that we are probably not alone", Kepler scientist Mario Perez said in a news conference.

Minnesota Releases Video of Philando Castile Shooting

The video released Tuesday by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Ramsey County Attorney's Office was used as evidence during the investigation and Yanez's trial. Officer Yanez again yells, " Don't pull it out! ". The officer reaches his left arm into the vehicle, screaming, while he draws his weapon with his right hand and, all in one motion, fires seven bullets into the vehicle, killing Castile .

Massive, 'Dead' Galaxy Puzzles Astronomers

A galaxy cluster lying between us and MACS2129-1 served as the gravitational lens in this case, allowing scientists to look deep inside the dead galaxy . However, the newly discovered ancient dead galaxy is spiral shaped and does not have the usual blue hue. Why this galaxy stopped forming stars is still unknown.

Death toll in Pakistan twin blasts rises to 37

There was no claim of responsibility for the attacks in Parachinar , a city which lies just near the border with Afghanistan. At least 11 people were killed and 24 wounded when twin blasts tore through a market crowded with shoppers preparing for the Eid holidays in a mainly Shiite area of Pakistan's tribal belt.

New Microsoft console is the Xbox One X

On the right side of the choose there's a "Hello from Seattle - Xbox One X " engraved message and the exhaust grill. We'll find out more soon, but it's likely that there'll be a difference between some games that go big on graphical flourishes that only the Xbox One X can produce and others that just replicate their PS4 Pro patch.

After Angering GTA 5 Fans, Rockstar Releases New Statement On PC Mods

OpenIV has been allowed to operate with Rockstar Games convincing Take-Two Interactive to back off and the company will not take any legal action against third-party projects provided they are not messing with GTA Online . This statement does not constitute a waiver of any rights that Take-Two may have with respect to third-party projects. The game developer and publisher have apparently backed off from suing PC game modders on certain conditions after several GTA players and fans ...

How major U.S. stock market indexes fared on Thursday

USA stocks were mostly lower on Friday, dragged lower by healthcare and consumer staples shares. Energy stocks led the way, and those in the S&P 500 climbed 0.8 percent for the largest gain of the 11 sectors that make up the index. The Nasdaq is up 853.57 points, or 15.9 percent. OFF THE SHELF: Barnes & Noble rose 50 cents, or 7.7 percent, to $7.00 after reporting a smaller loss for its latest quarter than analysts expected.

District attorney appealing decision to vacate Aaron Hernandez conviction

Under a long-held MA legal principle, courts typically erase the convictions of defendants who die before their direct appeals can be heard. His suicide came just five days after he was acquitted in a separate double slaying in 2012. Quinn also rebuked the legal rule in May following news of Hernandez's vacated conviction, according to the Associated Press at the time. Prosecutors also argued that Hernandez committed suicide to better protect his family from lawsuits.

Angel di Maria given fine for Spanish tax fraud

The Portuguese manager owes Spanish tax authorities €3.3 million, a Madrid prosecutor said in a statement on Tuesday, adding it had presented a claim to a local court. Known as "the Special One", Mourinho , 54, is one of the most prominent and successful coaches in soccer today. In European competition, he has led Porto to UEFA Cup victory in 2003 and a Champions League triumph in 2004, and also won the Champions League with Inter Milan in 2010.

Portman Has 'Real Concerns' About Medicaid Cuts, May Still Vote For Bill

That's not my opinion, but rather the conclusion of all objective analyses, from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, which found that 23 million Americans would lose insurance, to America's doctors, nurses, and hospitals on the front lines of our health care system.

NASA's Kepler space telescope spots 219 new potential planets

Out of the 4,034 planets identified by Kepler , 2,335 have been verified as exoplanets and close to 50 near-Earth-size habitable zone candidates detected by Kepler , more than 30 have been verified. Kepler's observations have also led scientists to uncover that one of the most common types of planets appear to be a completely new class of planets called mini-Neptunes, according to Benjamin Fulton, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and California and lead author of ...

Microsoft says Xbox One X's steep price tag won't turn a profit

Sony's PS4 Pro also has 4K features and was released last November, but some features lag behind the new Xbox One X , both in memory speed and processing power. As Mr. Spencer noted, Xbox One Backward Compatibility today has over 385 titles in its collection. Whether gamers agree with Greenberg over the price point of the Xbox One X remains to be seen, and it may well rely on exactly how impressive games look on the console.

Video from HTC previews some new Edge Sense features

In Google Photos, a squeeze will zoom into a photo. While the latter opens with a weekly look at the current month, squeeze the sides and you'll see both weekly and monthly listings from the application. And when you're watching a video and want to pause the action, you'll be able to squeeze the U11 to pause the clip. This seems particularly half baked.

Assassin's Creed: Origins Receives New Trailer, More Gameplay To Follow Briefing

From the details they revealed at the conference, the game will be much more detailed. The game was in development for a period of four years as Ubisoft was focusing on the completing " Assassin's Creed: IV Black Flag ". The game represents a fundamental shift in the series as it will now fully embrace many of its RPG roots by allowing you to greatly customise your character, style of play and gear.

Mob lynches senior police officer outside mosque in Srinagar

Hundreds were busy in prayers during the holiest night of the Muslim calendar called the "Shab-e-Qadr" at the largest city mosque. "It was first time he was posted in Jamia Masjid". Pandit belonged to Khanyar area which is adjacent to Nowhatta where he was killed. "That this happened on the most auspicious night and outside Jamia Masjid is shocking", he said.

Marissa Mayer departs Yahoo with a cool $23 million

Oath comprises more than 50 media and technology brands including TechCrunch , HuffPost , Tumblr , Engadget and flickr . But Yahoo made cuts to its workforce last year and more are expected this year. As per Yahoo's previous filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) it is estimated that Mayer's "golden parachute" payout will amount to more than $23m.

Uber Chief Executive, Travis Kalanick resigns

Although Sheryl Sandberg is said to be their first choice to be the next Uber CEO, the New York Post's sources also said that former Disney operating chief Tom Staggs is also toward the top of the list. The report states that five of Uber's most prominent investors, including Benchmark, wrote a letter titled "Moving Uber Forward", which recommended that the CEO step aside immediately.

Were Analysts Bullish MasTec, Inc. (NYSE:MTZ) This Week?

It closed at $46.69 lastly. It has outperformed by 76.72% the S&P500.The move comes after 7 months negative chart setup for the $3.74B company. Edgestream Partners Lp decreased Foot Locker Inc (FL) stake by 54.99% reported in 2016Q4 SEC filing.

Solar Eclipse Celebrated With New Stamp

On Aug. 21, from SC to OR, people will experience darkness in the middle of the afternoon. Chile was graced with a solar eclipse in February, but only around 90 per cent of the sun was said to be covered. It's estimated that between 80-to-90 percent of the sun will be covered in MI when the eclipse happens. Ahead of all this, you can find out more about the eclipse, download maps showing its path, and more here.

Rangers Deal Stepan, Raanta To Coyotes For 1st-Round Pick, DeAngelo

Not mentioned in here is Stepan's pending NTC, which kicks in July 1. NY has to replace longtime defenseman Daniel Girardi, who the team recently bought out. It also creates valuable cap space for the Blackhawks. That space should easily allow the team to re-sign Brendan Smith, likely to a four year deal around $4.5 mil per.

Solar System survey casts doubt on mysertious 'Planet Nine'

Earth and the other planets within the solar system all orbit the sun in about the same plane, though it seems the smaller objects in the belt are far enough from gravitational influence such that they can orbit the sun at an angle to this plane as they are also nudged by gravitational interactions among themselves not to mention the collisions had with celestial objects in the past.

Sophia Akuffo approved as Ghana's new Chief Justice

Addressing a gathering at the swearing-in ceremony in Accra, Mr Akufo-Addo said Justice Akuffo has proved herself and did not disappoint after she was elevated to be a Supreme Court judge by former President Jerry John Rawlings some 22 years ago.

Steve Jobs Made the iPhone Because He Hated Some Guy at Microsoft

Apple was originally working on a tablet project before the iPhone, Forstall said , that was brought about because of Jobs's loathing of this particular employee. He also told an amusing story about how Jobs used a mischievous scheme to scam the Apple cafeteria. How did Forstall get hired? And I sit there waiting.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Reviewed By Analysts

Microsoft Corp now has $545.24 billion valuation. ( AAPL ) traded up 0.45% during mid-day trading on Friday, reaching $146.28. About 1.59M shares traded. Fishman Jay A Ltd Mi invested 0.01% of its portfolio in Apple Inc . (NASDAQ: AAPL ). Bremer Trust National Association reported 56,802 shares or 1.8% of all its holdings.

US Reports a Major Milestone in Wind and Solar Power

Jacobson boosted the lifecycle emission of nuclear energy by including the emissions of the background fossil-based power system during an assumed planning and construction period for up to 19 y per nuclear plant. JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS) announced that it's signed a 187 MW module supply agreement with Quantum Power in Japan. The authors of the analysis found that the rapid growth of renewable energy and related policies were "a distant second to market fundamentals in causing financial ...

10 new earth like planets discovered by NASA's Kepler Space Telescope

The new catalog release brings its total catch up to 4,034 potential planets , of which 2,335 are verified exoplanets and almost 50 are near-Earth size habitable zone candidates. These exoplanets were being found by detecting a transit or the minuscule drop in a star's brightness that occurs when a planet crosses the path in front of it.

UK's Imagination Tech up for sale after battle with Apple

Shares in Imagination plummeted more than 60% in April after it revealed that Apple will no longer use its products, meaning it will no longer be eligible for royalty payments. As for a potential price for the company, assuming Imagination were purchased wholesale, after today's announcement the company's market cap has jumped to £400M (~$500M USD).

Paris shows off in race against Los Angeles for 2024 Games

The USOC is hosting a record-setting 2,400 events in honor of 2017 Olympic Day in 1,600 communities nationwide, with almost 600,000 people engaged in celebration of the Olympic and Paralympic movements. The floating athletics track in the middle of the Seine River is especially scenographic and was made for "selfies" as athletes and fans enjoyed the show.

Paradox Interactive Are Bringing Pillars Of Eternity To Console This August

I do wonder how well something like Pillars of Eternity will do on console though. I can't tell you how awesome this title is. The Complete Edition packs in the game's The White March DLC's. However, where other companies tackled console development as well, such as Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera - which even used Pillars' game engine! Paradox Interactive and Obsidian Entertainment are partnering to bring Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition to Xbox One and PS4 on August ...

Finally! Kapil Sharma's popular comedy partner Chandan Prabhakar returns to TKSS

His misbehaviour towards his team members including Sunil Grover resulted to the downfall of the once top-rated show, The Kapil Sharma Show . Although other comedians were brought in, the show is yet to return to its previous standing.

Severe weather still possible from lingering tropical depression

It's not wind, it's rain we're concerned about", said Greg Flynn with the Mississippi Emergency Management Service. For state officials in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas their greatest concern is flooding. Some isolated areas may see upwards of 4 inches. Areas of the south were already seeing significant rainfall Wednesday, but the most threatening element of the storm is the potential for inland flooding, says Scott Teel, vice president of organizational development with ...