In their caption, police explained that Zaydel had outstanding warrants and invited the public to share the post because he promised them donuts and they really love donuts. Once Redford Township Police reached their goal, they made a second post of a cartoon cop dropping a microphone, thanking everyone for helping them to meet their goal. Not a bad day for these police officers as they arrested a wanted man and received donuts for winning the bet. If they did it, he said he’d turn himself in, bring a dozen donuts and clean up litter around the city’s schools.

Well, that post got more than 4,000 shares.

Some thought his sentence should be reduced because he turned himself in.

A MI man who said he would turn himself in to police and buy the department donuts if their Facebook post garnered 1,000 shares kept his promise. He even added one bagel for good measure.

Zaydel was held in jail overnight and is scheduled to stand before a judge at the 17th District Court on Tuesday, according to The Post.

The Redford Township police Facebook post included five photos of Zaydel arriving, dressed in a gray hoodie.

The comments on the post were mostly positive.

‘He may or may not be a man of his word. “Hopefully, he’ll take a lesson from all of this and turn his behavior around so as to avoid further interactions with the law”. The guy went by the name Champagne Torino – but a little detective work revealed his real name is Michael Zaydel.

She said: “We had a good time throughout the entire interaction, the community seemed to enjoy everything. “(Zaydel) gave us a challenge.

The police department eagerly accepted the challenge. He may or may not be a man of his word.

Officer Mansfield said her department doesn’t usually use Facebook as a tool to catch criminals but it is open to the idea if it gets results. He has drawn a lot of attention to himself, and that makes it hard to hide from reality.