This is significant given reports suggesting Apple is building a system that can be added to existing vehicles, rather than its own self-driving auto.

It has been a while since the tech community got news about Apple’s self-driving vehicle project, also known as the secretive Project Titan. The equipment that sits atop Apple’s SUV appears quite a bit bulkier than what you’ll find on autonomous cars from Ford or Waymo, for example.

The Apple Car might be dead, but Project Titan lives on with new hardware and sensors spotted in the wild.

The sensor rack spotted in Higgins’ video is covered in Apple-style white plastic, and sports a lot of different sensors, including six Velodyne lidar sensors, according to his tweets.

Higgins is more than just a casual Apple fan, however – he’s a robotics engineer and happens to be a co-founder of Voyage, a self-driving startup that recently launched its own pilot program in San Jose.

Although details of the Apple project are still largely under wraps, CEO Tim Cook has indicated that the company is more interested in developing the software and other underlying technologies that will enable self-driving cars, rather than planning to build a vehicle itself. It is intended for testing the function of the autopilot on cars. If both of the SUVs were truly Apple’s, the company has clearly put the work in to develop its platform, quashing rumors that Project Titan had devolved to be nothing more than an autonomous shuttle bus for employees as a report claimed in August. That presumably includes his company’s, which are now being tested as shuttle vehicles in a retirement community.

Finally, Apple’s self-driving auto prototype vehicle has been spotted in the wild, and it’s certainly very interesting.