Riverdale EP Comments On Reveal Of Jason Blossom's Killer

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VERONICA's Pre-RIVERDALE Party Life Revealed In FCBD One-Shot

13 May, 2017

I mean, both the Coopers and the Blossoms hardly seemed to care.

Okay, this one is way out of left field, but what if Clifford's murderous rage came from discovering that Jason was adopted? Well, half right. Jason Blossom was one half of an incestuous relationship; it just happens to be true that the other half wasn't actually Cheryl, but Polly Cooper. In one week's time, the finale's expected twists and turns will slap us silly with shock and drop our jaws once again. Simple, short, but wholly horrifying in the implications it has for next season. We'll likely find out a little bit more during next week's sure-to-be-explosive Season 1 finale, but until then, we have four solid-ish theories on why Jason had to go. That guy is in deep up to his eyeballs in it and at a minimum Jughead's not going to be living with FP anytime soon because he might be in jail for a very long time. He kept Jason tied up in a basement (but didn't shoot him!). The only thing he didn't do was shoot Jason, which is arguably the biggest no-no. It's a conversation that comes up as Archie pleads with his father to let Jughead stay with them permanently and it's sad to see Jughead take the brunt of the weight because of his dad's arrest.

For weeks, Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) and friends Veronica (Camila Mendes), Jughead (Cole Sprouse), Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Kevin (Casey Cott) have been trying to work out exactly who's responsible for the death of their former schoolmate, sometimes even pointing the finger at some of their most loved ones.

The A.V. Club: Did you always know you wanted to make Clifford the killer?

Ulrich has a thorough understanding of F.P., a bad man who's only now reckoning with his past mistakes, who would do anything to change things but also knows that he must atone for his neglect. Inside the jacket, they find a USB drive. It then shows a picture of Jason with a bullet through his head. When the kids see the tape, Betty immediately calls Cheryl and warns her to get out of her house. "She's at her worst place emotionally than she's ever been". The police, upon finding Clifford's body swinging from the rafters of his maple syrup barn, found some barrels of syrup spilled onto the ground, revealing a ton of drugs hidden inside. On the other hand, Jughead continues to struggle with his parents. Clifford Blossom's grandfather murdered his brother, who just so happens to be Hal Cooper's grandfather. In earlier episodes, we've seen Clifford tell Cheryl Jason wasn't "strong enough" to take over the family business.

The biggest mystery in "Riverdale" was finally solved last night... only to create yet another mystery we'll have to wait until next week's finale to get the answer to.

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