Sherin, an adopted child from India, would wake up in the middle of the night, Mathews said.

According to NBC 5, Texas Child Protective Services removed the toddler’s 4-year-old sister from the family Monday and placed her in protective custody as police continue to search for the missing child.

The Mathews family has been relatively quiet during the search process.

Kent Starr, who is representing the girl’s mother, said the woman is “distraught”.

Meanwhile, members of Emmanuel Bible Chapel in Irving, where Sherin and her parents attended frequently, printed fliers with the girl’s description and posted them in and around the Richland Meadows neighborhood over the weekend. “She does not know the whereabouts and all she wants is for her daughter to be returned”. “Why was the last sighting at 3 o’clock and the parents not call us until after 8 am, that’s the question we want answered as well”, Perlich was quoted as saying by Dallas Morning News.

“That does not seem like a normal response that one would do if you have a missing child”, said police Sergeant Kevin Perlich, adding that is “certainly concerning us”.

“She’s very much anxious and depressed”, Jose said of Sherin’s mother.

Asked why Sini was not directly speaking to the media, attorney Starr said that the family has requested privacy.

“She is in mourning, some individuals mourn differently, it is not indicative of anything. They take care of her very much”, said Jose Cherian, the church elder.

“She did cooperate with the police and the fact that there may be conversations that occurred between Wesley and a third party.she is not aware of those”.

Why was the child sent out at 3 am?

At 3-year-old Sherin Mathews’ home, police collected evidence this week, and they have searched their parents’ vehicles, phones, and computers.

Mathews told police that he went back inside thinking that the girl would return home.

Mathews did not alert the police until five hours later and authorities arrested him Saturday on the charge of damaging and endangering a child.

It was all quiet on Thursday at the Richardson home were Sherin was reported missing.

Richardson police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation continue to sort through the evidence seized this week from the home of a missing toddler girl as the search enters its sixth day.

Shanna Poteet, an activist for missing persons, runaway and sex-trafficked children who helped lead a search operation by volunteers told TNM that although several people have raised their suspicion on Wesley’s version of the story, his family and friends believe that he could not have done any wrong.