Dammit. However, Nintendo knows a good thing and it knows how to milk it.

In a world where couch co-op seems to be heading towards the door, Nintendo has always been the go to company for providing players with an accessible, in the same room, 3-4 player social experience. For instance, it will now be possible to swap among several users.

Now, as Nintendo presses its final discs for the short-lived Wii U, it must convince players that its next console is worth the investment.

However, looking to the future, other game developers may take the approach of offering a slightly lower spec version of their game that is being released on the other consoles and PC.

It’s fitting, then, that as the Wii U begins to fade into the background as Nintendo prepares to launch its new Switch console, the next big game for the Wii U will be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The console itself is priced at £280, higher than many predicted for what the Switch offers power and looks-wise. Such a thing makes flawless business sense, considering the world-changing appeal that game had, but it’s impossible to do without making these new experiences available from day one, as immediately.

Nintendo has affirmed that the Switch’s battery can last up to 6.5 hours in Mobile Mode, but this long life is likely prolonged via the system’s Sleep Mode, which is enabled to extend the system’s battery life while on-the-go.

The “Nintendo Switch Online Service” as it’s known, for the time being, will operate as a free trial when the console hits stores and become a paid service when it officially launches sometime in autumn 2017.

Asked if the console will support streaming services, Nintendo said such functionality won’t be available at launch. That’s right, Nintendo confirmed there’s not going to be no Netflix for you, Switch buyers.

It is an option that Microsoft and Sony both provide on the Xbox One and PS4 in some way or another, and it surely was incumbent on Nintendo that it had to implement the same idea on its latest console.

It is expected to come at a price of around $300 and will be released on March 3 of this year.