If you thought the same of the fifth episode of The Bachelor’s 21st season, you might be a human – but you might not be the right audience for ABC’s hit dating reality series. The woman shocked us all with her undeniable class, charm, intelligence and downright cool-girl vibes. Regardless of the tension, both the women stuck around to receive another rose.

For his part, Nick said he became uncomfortable during the date. Rachel got the only one-on-one date, and she came off amazingly well.

Meooow! Jealousy, resentment and anger dominated Episode 5 of Nick Viall’s The Bachelor 2017 journey.

Nick Viall & co. traveled to New Orleans this week. They will visit the local café, Café du Monde, and will participate in a Second Line parade as they explore the city together. Rachel is intelligent, confident, and has incredible arms. The first impression rose victor finally got real alone time with Nick. Can’t wait to see where the two of these lovebirds end up!

The group date was spending the night in a haunted mansion. Despite the setting, this was a pretty fun and casual date. Listen, whatever works. Taylor was in a stressful situation, and if this helps her get through it, that’s great.

The big moment during this date was when Raven sweetly (and accidentally) told Nick she was falling in love with him.

“She was one of the easiest ones to talk to”, he added. This house is a flawless destination for anyone who loves the supernatural. On the downside, I doubt the flickering lights and moving chairs inside the antebellum Houmas House were genuine paranormal phenomena.

Remember the sweet, neonatal nurse? Though his one-on-one with Danielle was some time ago, Nick discovered the spark was still there with the nurse from Nashville.

I have to assume that Alexis found that giant Nick poster during the track and field date, but I have no idea how she was able to bring it to the night portion of the date.

Taylor took a more defensive approach on the infamous date by buttering Nick up and attempting to build on their romantic connection, that had been placed on the backburner ever since the drama started with her nemesis. And the budding rivalry between Corinne and Taylor finally comes to a head. She and 11 other women are still on the show. Tarot card readings, according to Heavy, also took place. But then, it was game time, and Corinne and Taylor were pitted against each other for the final time. At Corinne’s request, the priestess presents her with a voodoo doll that is, ahem, “specific to a person”.

“I’m colorful”, Corrine told the camera when complaining about Taylor in Monday’s episode.

Maybe Nick has picked up on the possibility of massive steaks in the future (he hasn’t, he just wants to hook up with her but we’ll go with this) because unsurprisingly, despite her lunacy, Corinne gets the group date rose and Taylor is left stranded at the table in the woods. Among the remaining women, avid viewers have fallen in love with a few contestants.