Russian Rostelecom has invested $31 million in a hopeless project

Russian telephony provider Rostelecom continues to develop the portal “Sputnik”, the cost of this project has already exceeded 31 million dollars, but experts say that the service has no prospects.

It is an easy calculation. If Google has over 49 million clicks per day, the audience of “Sputnik” is not more than 4.2 thousand. Media reported that Russian giant Rostelecom has signed the contract with the “Sputnik” (a subsidiary company of Rostelecom) and expects to receive the fast development of specialized services of the portal.

The amount of the contract is $5.683 million. During the last month “Sputnik” received another $5.141 million. More than $1.800 million was worth a contract concluded with the “Sputnik” in September 2015. And finally, Rostelecom allocated to service $4.194 million in June last year. If we take into account the operating costs, the Rostelecom spent on “Sputnik” $31 million. Earlier it was announced that “Sputnik” will be able to create its own maps in the nearest future.


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