Virtual Reality, or VR, is technology that is still at a budding stage worldwide. There are VR sets available, but the general lack of consumer awareness and high costs attached have thus far proved a deterrent. Still, there are some excellent games available for Sony Playstation, and, if you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy VR Games, consider these when next you get started playing!

1.     Eve Valkyrie

This is an older game, but, as the online blackjack Canada has to offer proves, this doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. The VR mode for this game delivers a totally new experience, and multiplayer mode is where the entertainment is at. You get a chance to upgrade new ships into your fleet, and the VR makes it incredibly exciting. Eve Valkyrie is available on Amazon, and is a highly recommended game for VR players.

2.     Robinson: The Journey

This is another excellent choice for VR players. Wildlife, incredible landscapes, and dinosaurs all combine for incredible gameplay.

3.     Battlezone

Battlezone has simple gameplay, but still provides an enjoyable shooting game with a twist. You will be able to fight off tanks, hold off enemies in drones, and do so with fantastic weapons. The graphics are good, enough to ensure that you get hooked, and, as a throwback to the shooting games of old, Battlezone integrates into the brand-new world of VR very nicely.

4.     Driveclub VR

This multiplayer race game turns driving into a whole new experience! There are over 80 cars for you to explore, along with a number of different game modes. VR adds a very interesting element to this game, and while the standard version may not be that exciting, the Virtual Reality one most certainly is.

5.     Moto Racer 4

The VR version of this game is incredibly addictive –be warned. It retains all the great gameplay characteristics of the original, and the VR element just adds to the enjoyment of play. High-speed bikes allow you to pull of great stunts, and the immersive quality of play will drive you wild. 

How VR Works with Game Play

The current VR technology involves you basically strapping a screen on to your face and there are plenty of debates as to whether this or AR tech is better. The images within the games are then rendered in stereoscopic 3D and viewed through special lenses, which trick your brain into believing that you are in a real place, not looking at a screen, doing the things the games require you to do.

This immersive effect is aided by sensors in and around the device, which are tracked. This means that you will be reacting to images that change as you move your head, nod, lean sideways, or move your arms.

When photorealistic graphics, or 3D video images, are combined with this tech, you are able to move around inside the virtual space being rendered, and achieve what is known as Presence. This is defined as the feeling that you are actually inside the virtual world, not standing in your living room. The effect is incredibly powerful, and makes for world-class gameplay that has to be experienced to be believed.