If there is anything players can count on every October apart from big game releases, it is that game developers are launching Halloween-themed events and updates.

Pokemon Go users have been waiting for player-vs-player multiplayer battles since the game launched a year ago.

Yesterday, Pokemon GO players experienced a massive glitch when all PokeStops and gyms started distributing two items per visit rather than the usual three to five items.

While some Pokemon Go players will likely be disappointed by the news, there’s still plenty of other Pokemon Go news to get excited about.

The developer addressed the issue by restoring a backup version of their system.

Unfortunately, these attempts to correct the nerfed PokeStops situation actually caused another problem: some recently added PokeStops were removed. The most recent reboot performed by the developer brought back the drop rates of the items to their original level.

This isn’t much of a surprise seeing as the data for these Pokemon were added into the game back in August, but the hinting certainly means it shouldn’t be too much further away.

Niantic recently forced players to install the game’s most recent update twice after the system un-forced the update on Apple devices yesterday as well; this is a sure sign that Pokemon GO is gearing up to implement something new. If Niantic chooses to follow this timeline, the official announcement for this year’s event might not arrive until after several days. This could be related to the recent statement shared by Niantic Labs’ CEO John Hanke with the Taiwanese magazine Business Weekly.

Some fans speculate that Halloween could be the time when some Gen 3 Pokemon are finally made available on the app. Aside from that Hanke also mentioned that the team has plans of working on social interactions of players in the game.