Dhoni is an exceptional runner when it comes to running in the middle of the 22-yard strip. So, when Dhoni runs between the wickets one can expect the singles being converted into doubles and the doubles being converted into three runs.

This time, it is the former Indian fast-bowler Ajit Agarkar, he urged Virat Kohli to play Dinesh Karthik in the final T20I against Australia at the Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad instead of Dhoni.

In a video uploaded by Star Sports, India’s official broadcaster, a video analysis shows Dhoni outpacing his partner Kedar Jadhav with a top speed of 31kmph while Jadhav, who is younger to Dhoni, could only manage a top speed of 25kmph. As he ran to complete the second run and reach the striker’s end, he picked up a stunning speed of 31 kmph.

The wicketkeeper recently took a running test at NCA where the 36-year old completed his first run in only 2.91 seconds while he took only 8.30 seconds in completing his third run on the 20-meter field. This is his personal highest speed while running between the wickets.

Dhoni’s speed has been instrumental in helping India win important matches. Started off with the world cup in T20 Internationals, he led India in winning several other crucial trophies all the way which was usually unexpected and never earned before.

The third umpire decision to signal “OUT” on the giant screen saw almost 40,000 spectators in the stadium and the Indian players on the ground, celebrate the victory.