Lucious can’t forget that Leah called him a monster, so he decides to quiz every family member about what disgusting things he’s done to them. They are all proud of his determination to get better.

In a sneak peek of “Bleeding War,” it is revealed that Andre will have a hard time celebrating Bella’s first birthday because the child was born on the same night that her mother, Anika (Grace Byers), killed his wife, Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday). They get to talking and Lucious brings up the past he doesn’t remember. He wants to know what he did to them. Cookie doesn’t want to rehash it as the boys start to bring up some violent highlights. Cookie is busy posing for the magazine feature and she’s unsure about sitting in Lucious’s chair. She arrives as a newbie in prison, where a guard has warned her to keep her head down and trust nobody.

Jamal is playing piano for Lucious, and Lucious is curious about how songwriting works and what a “studio” is? Lucious wonders why he and Shine never made a song together. “You have to go into the studio and record it”. Jamal is hesitant to participate, and Hakeem urges his brother to tell the trash can story, but Cookie cuts that conversation off. Lucious takes note of Thirty’s attire, asking if he always dresses that way?! Regardless, Jamal is perfectly patient with him, explaining things and even sneaking him into a studio to explain what Lucious used to do.

Becky is holding a meeting. She has an empire to run.

Andre, meanwhile, attempts to convince the NYPD detective he almost slept with, Pam Rose (Teyonah Parris) that he had nothing to do with the attempted assassination of Lucious in Las Vegas. I doubt Jamal knows that Warren is up to something yet, but his tendency to protect himself after a series of exploitative and problematic lovers (D-Major, anyone?) will serve him well once Warren begins to show his true colors.

In the video, Andre can be seen telling his parents about the night when Anika pushed Rhonda off of the balcony, breaking every bone in her body.

The actress even dished about her character’s biggest struggle. Empire has doubled their revenue. She bids him a good day, getting up and calling him a bitch under her breath. She’s interested in what Andre told her about Giuliana being in hiding because of Lucious.

Jamal is showing Lucious what he built. Someone comes to meet Jamal. Shyne gets into a scuffle with Cookie because he’s not satisfied with how many albums he’s producing. Shyne isn’t thrilled to be dealing with Cookie instead of Lucious and questions why Lucious hasn’t shown his face since the concert. Lucious knows that he and Shyne are friends, but he mistakenly claims that they made rap music together. Shyne tells him to focus on their future together. Shyne plays a track for them.

Detective Rose shows up at Andre’s office. He tells her that he doesn’t want to talk unless his attorney is present. Lucious looks puzzled, and Jamal obviously wants to help his dad figure out what’s going on but doesn’t know how to handle the situation. He’s stuck on two particular things: the “trash can story” Hakeem alluded to about Jamal, and the mysterious (to him) reason Cookie was gone for 17 years. Lucious is upset. He acted like that? Jamal apologizes and hugs him, but Warren opens his eyes during the hug, implying sneakiness.

Cookie arrives at another photo shoot.

The bank refuses to extend Empire Enterprises a line of credit. In “Evil Manners”, we finally got to see something that has always been brimming under the surface finally take center stage – the intersectionality of Cookie Lyon. She doesn’t have time for drama, she tells them all. She has to go. She tells them about getting turned down. They all want to spot her a loan, invest in her. Diane changes her mind. In the video, Tiana (Serayah) is seen impressing the judges with her voice and dance moves, possibly securing her the win for an album. Cookie is surprised but seems agreeable.

– During another photo shoot, Cookie attempts to put her past with Diana DuBois behind her and reveals that she got turned down for a line of credit.

Andre goes home and sees that “Misty Knight” is posted up across the street watching him with binoculars. She follows suit, undressing as well.

Warren wants to know why Jamal hasn’t introduced him to Lucious. They are about to eat dinner. Lucious wants to know if darkness drove his music. Jamal winds up revealing Lucious’ brain injury to Warren.

Cookie comes home to find Lucious painting. “Misty Knight” tells him that he’s sweating and he’s anxious, so he must be lying.

Henson also explained the reason for Cookie to reveal the truth to Lucious.