One of the workers today was confirmed to have died from his injuries.

By GCR staff0 CommentsA Bangladeshi worker was killed and two others seriously injured when a bomb said to be left over from the Second World War exploded at the site of a new underground rail station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“We regret to inform that of the three injured, one succumbed to the injuries and passed away last night. Two others are critical”, the company said.

Local reports quoted police as saying the explosion at the construction site in Bandar Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur came from an unexploded bomb, which was still active despite being buried for over half a century.

According to a source, two of the workers lost their legs in the accident while the other suffered injuries to his arms and legs. “Please let the investigations complete first”, he told The Malaysian Insight today by phone.

The three victims were sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for treatment. The identity of the worker who died, however, was not clear.

“The two injured are now in the general Intensive Care Unit (ICU) here at HKL and treated for industrial injury”.

“From initial investigations, an old bomb from the Second World War suddenly exploded when construction works were being carried out”, he said. The bomb is believed to have been air-dropped.