On Monday night’s double bill, Kate’s ex Imogen confronted Rana, telling her she knew she had feelings for Kate.

However, the on-screen lesbian couple parted ways last week, leaving room for married Rana to mend broken ties with Kate.

As Zeedan is happy to hear about them taking this big step and suggests they legalise their marriage in a registry office ceremony, Rana can’t get Kate out of her head and it’s actually a night out with Rosie Webster which prompts her to grab the bull by the horns and go for what she wants. The pair fell out when the latter assumed that Rana – who is married to Zeedan Nazir (Qasim Akhtar) – was reacting in a homophobic manner.

Rana (played by Bhavna Limbachia) has recently struggled with jealousy as she watched her close friend strike up a romance with Imogen Pascoe (Melissa Johns).

In a bid to hide her feelings for her mate, Rana told hubby Zeedan Nazir that she wanted to try for a baby.

Tonight’s episode will see an intoxicated Rana pitch up to Kate’s flat out of the blue and kiss her, which will no doubt send viewers wild.

Kate had misunderstood her friend’s frostiness for homophobia, so how will she react when the truth is revealed? Viewers will no doubt find out in forthcoming episodes.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the episode a terrified Anna Windass is seen fearful for her life as she makes a frantic phone call from a public phone box. Anna becomes so panicked that she even finds herself asking schoolchildren for assistance after becoming scared for her life.

Coronation Street” continues tonight, Wednesday 11th October, at 7:30pm on ITV.