It’s believed 32-year-old Joshua Baker, from Queensland, was detained when he flew into the country on Sunday, when customs officers allegedly found a small amount of marijuana and some antidepressant pills in his suitcase.

The head of customs at the airport, Budi Harjanto, said Joshua James Baker from Mount Isa was detained after the plastic bag was found in his luggage.

Baker was said to have escaped from police custody on Monday before he was rearrested 10 hours later at a Kuta hotel.

He escaped when asked if he could use the bathroom.

He was stopped by customs when his baggage was scanned.

After searching his bags, officers found 36 grams of marijuana mixed with tobacco and 37 Diazepam pills.

Baker allegedly said he brought the drugs only for personal use. He said the drugs were planned to be used by himself.

Mr Harjanto said Mr Baker had told officials he was travelling to Bali for a holiday. It’s like an anti-depressant pill but we are still investigating.

“The Australian was coming for a holiday, but he brought pills. We will check it in the laboratory, is it true it is a sedative”, Suwardjoko said.

He added that police are yet to officially interview Mr Baker. The Australian claimed he needed the medicine for his depression.

“We haven’t conducted intensive interrogation of him”.

Indonesia has extremely harsh anti-drug laws, with penalties of course being much more severe for dealers and traffickers versus users. We will check it in the lab first, after that, we will conduct intensive interrogation’.