Google doesn’t elaborate as to what sort of production delay caused the issue, but for the sake of Android One’s success here in the USA, hopefully it isn’t anything too major.

In an email that Google has been sending out to Project Fi customers who pre-ordered the handset, the company stated that the phone had been delayed due to production and that it will only be shipping in the later part of October, as opposed to around now where customers were supposed to receive it. It’s also making another record as the first non-Google branded phone that will be sold on the network. Unfortunately, it looks like a delay is in store for those folks who pulled the trigger.

The Moto X4 went on pre-order soon after its announcement and the shipment was supposed to debut this week. That will be a week from today so if you did place your order, stretch your patience some more. If you are trading in your old phone, wait for your order first before you send in your old device.

If you have opted for the trade-in option, this doesn’t impact your 30-day time limit since that countdown doesn’t start until you receive your new Moto X4. Last night, Project Fi emailed these customers noting that a “production delay has impacted the estimated ship date for your new device”.

The Moto X4 might have let long-time Moto X fans down with its drastic departure from previous entries in the series, but the device is still important for one big reason – it’s the first Android One phone to launch in the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you again for your order.