Many Bollywood celebrities are now coming up to express what they think of their ugly spat.

Yesterday, Farhan Akhtar issued an open letter urging people to not have a one-sided view of the issue and not get swept away by gender biases.

Hrithik Roshan has once again spoken about the long-running and seemingly never-ending row with Kangana Ranaut and their alleged affair. She is very much concern with the controversy that is surrounded by the two of the biggest stars in the industry. She is not writing the letter as a co-star of Hrithik or as a friend of her. She will try to put her point across as succinctly and as objectively as possible.

However, she says that she is not a legal expert. Neither she is privy to the details of the case.

Because of Ranaut’s continuous accusation that he was the one responsible for hacking her email, Roshan finally filed a report to the Indian cyber crime authority about the email incident and told Indian TV viewers his side of the story. However, somehow, the tussle has turned into a gender war, with a certain faction of the society having already declared the man guilty. He even said that it is not always men that should be blamed. “Men have oppressed women in one way or another for centuries, and it’s being presumed that it is the same in this case, too“.

She also wrote that there is an on-going investigation that the concern people are doing.

Apart from siding with Hrithik, the actress has hit out at the media for conducting a trial which she feels might jeopardise the “equal-rights-for-all movement” that had gained momentum so far.

“And that’s unsafe. Whatever happened to innocent, until proven guilty?” While fans and celebs are getting into debates and fights, taking sides and forming Tea Hrithik and Team Kangana, the actor’s post clearly asks both sides to take a break and leave the investigations as well as judgements to the concerned authorities. But that is not the case here. “Sadly, our law and order is sort of classist, but let’s not digress”, noted Yami. Before this is dangerously hijacked into a man vs woman, insider vs outsider, privileged vs non privileged issue we must stop.