However police in Germany seem to be trying everything they can to crack down on it, and have released images of a young girl seen being sexually abused in videos on the dark web.

Before midnight, both the child and the suspect, a 24-year-old man, were identified, and the man was turned in by the little girl’s mother and grandmother, police say.

He is the partner of his victim’s mum.

A four-year-old girl has been saved from abuse after police released images of her which had circulated on the “dark net” in a bid to identify her.

Experts had worked on the case since images of the abuse first appeared on the dark web – part of the internet not accessible via search engines – in late July, he said, and authorities took the unusual step of distributing the photograph because they had run out of other options. The man is being questioned.

The Sun reported that police recovered evidence from the suspect’s apartment that linked him to the victim.

According to the Bild newspaper the arrest took place in Lower Saxony.

Explaining why they are now seeking the public’s help in finding the little girl, they explain: “The extensive investigation carried out so far did not lead to the identification of the extremely cautious acting suspect”. We assume that the child is further exposed to the perpetrator’s access’.

Mr Vorfuk said the girl was now in the care of child psychiatrists.