Trump said Puerto Rico’s electrical power is “being fixed”, adding that that the power grid was “devastated before the hurricanes even hit”.

Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico in September and some areas received about 40 inches of rainfall in 24 hours.

A few days earlier Trump had lashed out at Ms Cruz on Twitter for “poor leadership”. Instead, an estimated total of 10,000 shipping containers sit at the numerous ports of Puerto Rico are unable to be delivered.

The aid news comes after President Donald Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico on Tuesday.

“[Trump] kind of minimized our suffering here by saying that Katrina was a real disaster, sort of implying that this was not a real disaster because not many people have died here”, said Yulin Cruz, according to People.

The number of confirmed fatalities in Puerto Rico for now is 34. “They need to show up. they need to do a lot of hugging, letting people know help is on the way, we’re here for you, we support you, a lot of listening because people aren’t feeling heard, especially Puerto Rico feeling like they’re an island that in some ways ins’t getting what they need”. “Because we’ve spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico, and that’s fine”.

If Puerto Rico continues its legacy of building statues of presidents visiting the island, a new bronze statue of Trump will soon be installed next to the one representing the previous presidential visitor, Barrack Obama, who visited the unincorporated territory of the U.S. in 2011.

He went on to compare the death toll caused by Hurricane Maria, which stood at 16, with the 1,833 killed by Hurricane Katrina – which the president described as “a real catastrophe“. “Everybody around this table and everybody watching can really be proud of what’s taken place”.

Carmen Yulín Cruz wore the shirt as she criticized the federal government’s response to Hurricane Maria, which ravaged the island when it struck two weeks ago.

The White House has said that Trump was trying to “put a positive spin on things” and that statements that seemed callous or self-aggrandizing were really just jokes.

“I wouldn’t take it word for word”, Mulvaney said, when asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo whether Trump meant to “wipe out” Puerto Rico’s debt. The president toured a neighborhood damaged by the storm and posed for pictures with residents.

But after Maria struck Puerto Rico, the local mobile phone operator of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim proved more reliable than some USA competitors during the early days of the communications outage across the island of 3.4 million people.