Responding to Donald Trump’s Saturday morning tantrum about late night comedians being too hard on the president, Jimmy Kimmel tweeted out a suggestion that would benefit everybody: Trump should resign and host his own show.

On Thursday, Trump asked why the Senate intelligence committee wasn’t investigating “fake news networks” for propagating inaccurate and false news stories.

Kimmel concluded with the punchline: “Donald Trump criticizing fake news is like Hugh Hefner criticizing fake breasts”. Tillerson held a presser, one of those audience-of-one presentations, at which he denied wanting to resign, though he did not answer the “moron” question.

“I guess he’s moved on from Puerto Rico and Las Vegas”, Kimmel said wryly, referring to more pressing events that might warrant the president’s attention.

Following the Las Vegas shooting, late-night hosts each called for a reevaluation of gun laws with Kimmel delivering an opening monologue that almost brought him to tears.

Trump also questioned why the Senate Intelligence Committee isn’t examining “Fake News Networks in OUR country”, which Kimmel found particularly amusing as they are now looking into Russia’s potential involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump opened the war of words Saturday by calling out late night hosts for “repetitive material” that’s “always anti-Trump”.

Kimmel joked: “Donald Trump is a tornado of fake news”.

This claim is backed up by the Washington Post, which reports (per Deadline) that in the last 232 days, Trump has made 1,145 claims that are either false or misleading.