Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition was officially confirmed this week for a launch on PlayStation 4 and PC in January. Current Street Fighter V players will also receive all of this new content for free via an in-game update when Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition releases. Additionally, the update will also bring an upgraded UI, Extra Battle, Gallery as well as new V-trigger modes. For European pricing, please check with local retailers.

Adding Sagat would be an excellent way to hype up the upcoming release of the “Arcade Edition” of the fighting game, so it would not be that surprising if the developers went ahead with the move. Players can choose from six unique paths to compete in fights against CPU opponents. That means if you now play Street Fighter V, you won’t need to purchase anything else to get Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, etc. – you’ll just need to download the update! According to Capcom, this latest version of the game is for players to reminisce in Street Fighter series history as they celebrate the last 30 years of this popular franchise. If they manage to beat four challenges in a month, an exclusive premium outfit will be rewarded. With extra challenges being added and more unannounced content on the way, Street Fighter V will continue to deliver new and refreshed content on a regular basis throughout 2018 and beyond. When Street Fighter V came out however, CAPCOM decided that it should only have competitive versus gameplay.

“Being the #1 requested addition to Street Fighter V, we’re making sure it’ll be an experience rather than just a mode”.

Players will find matches and bonus stages that are based on Street Fighter games from years past, such as the original Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha, and others. Will you be picking up Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition?

A look back at the roster of “Street Fighter I” detailed by the Street Fighter Wiki reveals that there are different characters who could be chosen, but the one who really jumps out from the pack is Sagat. By everything I mean all the characters fully unlocked from Season 1 and Season 2, and all the updates for just $39.99 United States dollars.