In the immediate aftermath of the mass shooting in Las Vegas last week, Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian uploaded videos of himself fleeing the scene and promising that he would return with a gun.

Casino game ace Bilzerian, who owns a large collection of guns and has been a commissioned reserve police officer for five years, was on the concert stage at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival, with lifelong friend Jake Owen, when indiscriminate firing broke out from the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Original footage posted by Bilzerian Sunday night’s gun horror appears to show him running from the crowd.

Bilzerian shot back with the following tweet and photo, attempting to show his bravery and perhaps make up for bolting from the scene when his assistance was needed most.

In another video from the massacre, Bilzerian sprints back towards Mandalay Bay, running into some police officers on the way. Bilzerian can be heard asking one officer for a weapon as they hide behind a barrier to escape the gun fire.

“Trying to go grab a gun”, he says in the clip.

The officer responds: “No, get the f*** away from me right now. But at first I thought it was multiple shooters going around Columbine-style gunning people down, so you do what your instinct is, mine was to get a gun”. The military men were insulted by Bilzerian’s cowardly behavior, a far cry from the tough guy persona he regularly tries to display to his 23 million social media followers.

“All I wanted to do was get my hands on a gun and shoot the mother f-er shooting at me”.

“A woman just got shot in the head and you are running away filming that’s not what operators do”.

“People are dying, you’re running away not helping them and pretending it’s worthy of a video is disgusting”.