Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told The Associated Press in an interview that he heard positive news in President Donald Trump’s United Nations address: “that the USA would not impose its way of life on others”.

Lavrov said that he had asked US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to provide proof that the Kremlin had covertly intervened to support Donald Trump’s campaign.

While Lavrov said that despite tensions in bilateral relations, the dialogue between Moscow and Washington never stopped.

U.S. intelligence agencies accuse Russian Federation of meddling in the United States presidential election, which Moscow denies, and recent tit-for-tat exchanges between Washington and Moscow include moves to slash each others’ diplomatic presence. Moscow responded by limiting the size of the USA diplomatic staff in Russian Federation.

“When you consider him and his father, it was only when such threats were made that negotiations did happen”, Macron told reporters.

“It is gratifying to note, as the US president Donald Trump unequivocally stated from this podium last Tuesday, that it is important to comply with the principles of sovereignty in the global affairs; it is necessary to ensure leadership by example and not impose one’s will on other nations; the countries with different values, cultural patterns and aspirations cannot only coexist, but also work hand in hand on the basis of mutual respect”, the minister said, addressing the assembly.

In some of the harshest Russian language used against Obama, Lavrov blamed him personally for unleashing what he termed a “Russophobic hysteria” that has triggered a series of investigations into alleged Kremlin interference in the USA campaign past year that resulted in President Donald Trump’s election. -Russian relations. “I did not expect that from a Nobel Peace Prize victor, but he did manifest himself and we can still see the ramifications”, he said.

The ongoing exchange of threats surrounding the Korean standoff is unacceptable, Lavrov said.

But the US military has “a ban on cooperating with Russia“, Lavrov said.

“There is a saying that marching goes on even when dogs bark”, he said as he entered his hotel on Wednesday.

Russia’s representative, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, spoke at the UN General Assembly on September 21.

Lavrov also seemed to hint that the “tit-for-tat” series of ousters of diplomats from the two countries’ embassies was over for now.

In July, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia said that relations between Russia and the United States today is worse than during the cold war.

After threatening to “totally destroy North Korea” in his first address to the General Assembly, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting foreign companies doing business with North Korea, ratcheting up pressure on Pyongyang.

Still, a second senior Trump administration official said Friday the United States was seeking ways to improve communication with Moscow and build some degree of trust, which the official described as non-existent.

As a special prosecutor and congressional committees widen the scope of their probes into the finding by U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in an effort to hurt Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton – and ultimately to help elect Trump – Lavrov repeated Russian denials of involvement.