“I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night”, Mr Trump wrote.

Trump also says long gas lines are forming in North Korea, calling it “too bad”.

U.S. President Donald Trump was on another Twitter rampage Sunday morning, taking digs at Kim Jung Un and Hillary Clinton.

Trump was referring to the current leader of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, and Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator who has been defiantly continuing his nuclear weapons efforts.

And, finally, some illustrations and video the president has re-tweeted.

The spokesperson said Moon and Trump had strongly condemned the latest missile launch by North Korea, and agreed that the two nations would work with the global community to implement the latest United Nations’ Security Council’s resolution. Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council has strongly condemned the North’s “highly provocative” ballistic missile launch over Japan on Friday.

Recently, North Korea conducted a missile test that was capable of reaching Guam which falls in the USA as it flew 2,300 miles.

Many nations have put pressure on North Korea but that did not deter it from completing its actions.