Sanders was asked about Donald Trump’s tweet in which he said the network should “apologize for untruth”. People are dumping it in RECORD numbers.

Hill later apologized to ESPN for making the claim on a platform that linked her opinion to the network. Sanders admitted that she was unsure whether the president was aware of Hill’s comments, but proceeded to create an unofficially official administration position on them nonetheless. Meanwhile, potential fill-in hosts ESPN was said to have contacted, Michael Eaves and Elle Duncan (both of whom are black), did not agree to sub-in.

“I think the president has made plenty of comments on that front”, Sanders said.

Sanders said Thursday that calling the president a white supremacist should be a “fireable offense“.

Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists”, she wrote.

White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday called ESPN “hypocritical,” hours after Trump criticized the network. “Well, it’s a threat to me”.

Ms Hill, an African-American co-host of the SportsCenter programme, called the president a “bigot” and criticised his supporters in a series of tweets on Monday. “We have addressed this with Jemele and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate”.

But she added that ESPN should be consistent in applying its standards, saying it had suspended anchor Linda Cohn for “for expressing a political viewpoint”.

Those plans were scrapped, though, because the two hosts ESPN sought to replace Hill with refused to fill in for Hill, according to the report. “But I’ll leave that up to them to decide, and I’ll stay focused on my day job”.

In theory, ESPN can now move on while Hill gets berated and harassed online by possibly fake 50-year-old Trump voters named Tammy-a clear win for nervous higher-ups at the Worldwide Leader.