The Federal Trace Commission is investigating credit reporting agency Equifax for a massive data breach that left the personal financial data of 13 million Americans at risk of theft.

Victims whose Social Security numbers, birth dates and driver’s license numbers are now exposed could be victims of identity theft.

The Canadian Press made multiple calls as consumers to Equifax Canada’s customer service line and was told that consumers whose credit files were not checked outside of Canada are unlikely to be part of any breach.

Equifax has also created a website where you can check to see if your personal information may have been affected.

Days after the breach was discovered, three top Equifax executives sold almost $2 million in company stock, but Equifax denies they were aware of the data breach. 11, 2017, Equifax said it has made changes to address customer complaints since it disclosed a week earlier that it exposed vital data on about 143 million Americans.

Equifax backed down. You can now get credit monitoring without waiving your right to sue.

“Really? How many people have been affected by this?” So, if you contact them to see if your information was breached you may or may not be getting the most accurate information. Multiple congressional committees have also signaled their intent to hold hearings on the Equifax data breach.

Thursday, Apache released a statement on its website, saying, “The Equifax data compromise was due to their failure to install the security updates provided in a timely manner”.

You can always view your credit report for free once a year at or by calling 877-322-8228. And if you’re concerned about identity theft, visit to learn how you can protect yourself. A security freeze prevents credit, loans and services from being approved in your name until you unfreeze your account. “You should put it on with each of the three credit reporting agencies”.

If you decide against a credit freeze, consider placing a fraud alert on your files.

I’m not a big fan of credit freezes.

Another piece of advice, with hackers becoming better at accessing information it’s important to check your bank transactions regularly for any unusual activity.