However, it seems Amazon is also planning to release new Fire TV devices as images and specs have leaked.

Amazon looks like it’s getting ready to unveil its latest Fire TV, just in time for that new Apple TV announcement. The Fire TV itself is a cube with Echo style blue LED light bar around the top. The dongle is square and will be placed between the existing Fire TV stick and the new top-tier Fire TV model. It is rumored that the dongle-shaped mid-tiered Fire TV model will be powered by a quad-core processor clocking at 1.5 GHz, as well as deploy a Mali-450 MP GPU.

With the cube-shaped Fire TV, users will be able to connect to Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa without a voice remote. Apart from these capabilities, the new Fire TV model also comes with an IR emitter for controlling the television and other audio/visual equipment. The new smart device contains a microphone and speakers to function alongside Alexa.

Though Amazon has yet to respond to the rumors if the company will launch such products, it will easily upstage Apple’s 4K HDR-capable TV box. The second-generation Fire TV is showing up as discontinued on the company’s US, UK and Germany websites. The technical details regarding the top-tiered Fire TV are still under wraps.

The flagship Fire TV will feature the same buttons as an Echo Dot, including a mute button, action button, and volume controls. I was interested in what the Dot had to offer previously but with the added functionality of a streaming device as well as a hub, sign me up! The Stick now looks more like a box that plugs into the back of a TV with a built-in HDMI cable. The alleged second model is however going to be the more interesting device. It might cost between $60 and $80.