Ford has launched a higher-specification version of its quickest hatchback called the Focus RS Edition.

But those with a keen eye will, however, spot a few unique revisions such as a matte black roof, mirror caps and rear roof spoiler with the blue “RS” logo as well as some carbon fibre trim and two-tone Recaro shell seats.

The front bumper and grille are angular, aggressive and dominant, but the rear side of the auto is a little more subtle (if you set aside the giant exhausts and huge spoiler, that is).

A more extreme version of Ford’s all-wheel drive hot hatchback missile has arrived and is called the Focus RS Edition, which comes with a Quaife limited-slip differential.

The mechanical LSD limits the engine torque delivered to a wheel that has reduced traction on the road surface, and redistributes torque to the wheel with more traction to counteract the wheel spin that can hamper acceleration and stability. This means an output of 345bhp and 470Nm of torque, a 0-60mph time of 4.5 seconds and a 165mph top speed. “Improving on the class-leading driving dynamics of the Focus RS was no small task – but our Ford Performance engineers have delivered a drivetrain capable of wringing every drop of performance from the 350PS EcoBoost engine”.

Ford’s Performance All Wheel Drive system is another new feature for the RS Edition.

By controlling the torque delivered to each front wheel, the Focus RS Edition’s LSD enables drivers to exploit the 350bhp delivered by its 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine in high-performance driving situations even more. Autocar’s recent test in the RS Edition showed that this improvement did slightly hinder the car’s drifting ability, which is crowned by its Drift Mode that can send up to 70% of torque to the rear wheels.

The Ford Focus RS is one of the best affordable cars for driving enthusiasts and now Ford is adding new features to make it even better. Units also come with privacy glass, rear parking sensors, cruise control with speed limiter and Active City Stop emergency braking system.