“There’s also Samsung’s big rivalry with Apple to consider as the USA firm prepares to unveil its 10th anniversary iPhone the aptly titled iPhone X“.

Some other examples are a bit more complicated.

Fast charging: After years of Android fast charging capability, Apple finally enables fast charging via the Lightning port. Apple fully embraced an open standard, which is rare but actually pretty great.

The extra 10 grams on the iPhone 8 Plus compared to the iPhone 6s Plus shouldn’t be a huge deal for most.

The incredible Note series loved by millions of consumers in India will also come with the revolutionary mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, and Samsung’s defense-grade security platform Samsung Knox, making it the most desirable smartphone available in the market.

While interest in Apple iPhone may have spiked up this year, it will be interesting to see how much longer the iPhone as a hero product survives in the coming years; more so, because Apple’s iPhone has been losing steam gradually over the years. We’ll only be able to weigh in on the iPhone 8 Plus’ heft after we’ve spent some significant time with the device.

Now, Apple’s name isn’t mentioned anywhere in this random new OnQ blog post, but its timing can’t be coincidental.

Speaking at a news conference attended by The Associated Press, Samsung Electronics’ president of mobile business Koh Dong-jin said that the company is getting ready to launch its first bendable Galaxy smartphone… sometime in 2018. But for whatever reason, Apple didn’t take any swings at Android or Google. Those wishing to get their hands on the iPhone X on launch day will have to be particularly swift with pre-orders even for an iPhone unit. Without a doubt, the AirPower pad seems really nice (if you’ve got multiple devices and accessories like that which support Qi charging, ) but in general wireless charging isn’t as practical as wired fast charging.

While the rivalry between Apple and Samsung attracts attention of tech enthusiasts and smartphone lovers across the globe, the 2017 edition is expected to be intense given that Samsung’s comeback will be crucial for its hold over the premium segment (above Rs 30,000 a unit).

Nonetheless, the iPhone X price will still be pretty healthy, based on major media reports. Gloating can sometimes come off as defensive, so maybe they felt best to avoid the issue all together.

Thus, it is now known as that the iPhone X will be the OLED-driven device that has been widely predicted in Apple-following circles.

The iPhone of today is very different from the iPhone of the years ago, and the iPhone X makes a strong case for returning the future setting standards back to Apple, some would say where it belongs.