The CPU is based on the Coffee Lake architecture and has 2 additional cores as compared to the 7700K that we got past year.

The flagship for the upcoming lineup is the Core i7 8700K, a six core, 12 thread CPU. The new chips, flagshipped by the 8700K, are expected to land by early next month.

As you can see in the video within the linked Facebook post, or the YouTube video embedded above, Mr Morin was attending an event showcasing new HP Omen PCs sporting Intel’s latest Coffee Lake CPUs. According to the shop, the Core i7-8700K and Core i5-8600K will come with a base clock frequency of 3.70 GHz and 3.60 GHz respectively. In a truly marvelous bid to find out exactly how fast the 8700K Karl he proceeded to benchmark the system right there on the spot, in front of the HP representative.

Looking at the Cinebench R15 we can see the 8700K has scored a total of 196 points in the single threaded test. What we can compare this score to is the i7 7700K which would achieve around 192 points meaning this score for the 8700K would make it the highest single-threaded score for a CPU at stock settings.

Naturally, the first thing Morin did was run Cinebench and some CPU-Z multi-threaded and single-threaded tests to get the scoop on performance. In single threaded testing the i7-8700K matches both 1800X and the i7-7700K.

The final benchmark we have comes straight from the Geekbench database, via VCZ. Although it does raise questions as to why Intel is breaking Coffee Lake compatibility with existing 200 series motherboards.