Arkansas’s Medical Marijuana Commission is to make final decisions this fall on who is granted licenses.

With one week before a deadline for entities to apply for licenses to cultivate and dispense medical marijuana, officials still haven’t received as many appliations as expected.

Some board members argue existing dispensaries are illegal under a Michigan Supreme Court ruling and should be closed until licensing begins.

“This approach will allow existing operations to wind down while also giving adequate time for patients to establish connections to caregivers to help ensure continuity of access”, LARA said in a statement.

LARA, in consultation with the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, said the department will put emergency rules in place and that any dispensary that is operating after December 15 – the date the state will begin accepting applications for licenses – will jeopardize its chance for a lucrative state license.

The board will reconvene Tuesday at the Eagle Eye Conference Center at Hawk Hollow in Bath to hear from the state’s Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation, which has been consulting with the state attorney general’s office.

Some board members expressed a desire to shut the shops at a meeting last month, sparking concerns from patients and others.

Detroit has eight city-approved medical marijuana dispensaries and another 69 pending approval from the city but still operating.