South Korea says the US military will begin adding more launchers to a contentious high-tech USA missile defense system in South Korea on Thursday to better cope with North Korean threats.

The deployment of THAAD is of great concern to China. On Tuesday, Seoul Administrative Court has dismissed the claim of Seongju residents to suspend the government’s decision to allocate land for the THAAD missile system. Seoul’s Defense Ministry has said the USA military will begin installing the additional launchers Thursday.

Local residents worry about rumored health hazards related to the system’s high-powered radars and the possibility of being targeted in North Korean attacks.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the five-year-old South Korea-U.S. (KORUS) FTA as a frightful deal for creating a $27 billion U.S. trade deficit with South Korea last year. In August, about 900 people from the county shaved their heads to protest the government’s decision.

The 29-nation US -led alliance expressed full solidarity with Japan and South Korea, North Korea’s neighbors. The THAAD system is created to intercept short, medium and intermediate ballistic missiles at the terminal incoming stage.

Sweden has had diplomatic relations with North Korea since 1973.

At the USA base in South Korea will deploy four additional THAAD missile defense system on the background of aggravation of the situation around the DPRK.

North Korea says it detonated a hydrogen bomb in its sixth nuclear test on Sunday.

“If North Korea doesn’t stop its provocations, we could face an unpredictable situation in the future”, said Moon while meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an economic summit in the Russian far eastern city of Vladivostok Wednesday.

The move comes after North Korea’s recent string of ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

In a conversation with South Korea’s Defense Minister Song Young-Moo Tuesday to address North Korea’s latest and most powerful nuclear test to date, Mattis said the United States “remains ironclad in its commitment to the defense of” South Korea.

Moscow has repeatedly opposed the THAAD deployment, as it could further deteriorate the nuclear crisis and provoke North Korean aggression.

Beijing has objected to the advanced anti-missile battery high-resolution radar system that can potentially monitor China’s military activities as a threat to its security, and had reportedly imposed informal restrictions on selected South Korean imports and tourism as retaliation.

A THAAD battery normally consists of six launchers that can fire up to 48 interceptor missiles, but only two launchers been operational at the site, on a former golf course.