It’s an abuse case Sullivan says is one of the worst he’s ever investigated.

The three suspects in the brutal beatings – Gary Bubis Jr., Shawn Whaley, and Brandy Shaver – all face assault charges, and all three are behind bars.

Police say the older child escaped from her home in Albion, NY Wednesday, and asked a neighbor for help.

Three people have been arrested in connection with the torture of a 10-year-old at a home in Albion.

According to the documents, Whaley tied a rope around the victim’s waist and then attached it to a vehicle.

They say their investigation revealed the victim was allegedly hit with open hands, closed fists, and was kicked repeatedly.

Police said that the victim was also forced to run with weighted backpacks, followed by a vehicle that would hit her if she didn’t run fast enough. During her days working, she was not allowed to bathe, have water or use the bathroom.

According to the sheriff’s office, the victim was also tied to the back of the vehicle and dragged for running too slow.

A second victim, a 3-year-old, was also suffering from prior burns resulting from the abuse, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators think the adults targeted the 10-year-old girl because they believed she was a troublemaker. A fourth suspect, who does not live at the house, is charged with endangering a child, but was released. Police say a three-year-old child was also assaulted at least once.

Bubis, Whaley and Shaver were arraigned in Williamstown court. The three were jailed in lieu of $25,000 cash bail or $50,000 bond.

The investigation is continuing and additional charges are likely. Anyone with more information is encouraged to contact investigators at 315-349-3411.