Mr White is one of several attendees exposed by Twitter users who used photographs from the event to identify members of the alt-right.

One man has already lost his job.

Social media efforts to name all the participants in Charlottesville have led to some cases of mistaken identity.

Smith, who is the communications director for Progress NC, is the face behind the Twitter account called “Yes, You’re Racist“.

Cvjetanovic said he decided a month ago to attend the rally because he strongly believes in his white heritage.

“Racism and white supremacist movements have a corrosive effect on our society”, Johnson said.

The rally started on Friday to protest against the removal of a statue of former Confederate genral Robert E Lee, but it turned violent as a vehicle was driven into a crowd, leaving one dead and several injured.

This first person rallying with the Unite The Right who was exposed by YesYoureRacist was sacked from his job at Top Dog, a restaurant in Berkeley, California. “But there’s a lot of them – and they are mad”. Naming and shaming is perfectly acceptable on Twitter, as long as it doesn’t cross the line into threatening behavior and no private information, such as an address or phone number, is shared.

That’s happened a lot following the Charlottesville protests, but there are other pitfalls, too.

Three people were killed and 19 others injured during a white nationalist rally in the USA state of Virginia, turning a day of violent demonstrations into a tragedy, the media reported.

Seeing as the Charlottesville rally descended into chaos with mass violence, use of improvised weaponry and mace, a vehicle attack which killed at least one and wounded dozens of others, and the crash of a police helicopter and deaths of two officers, Cvjetanovic probably isn’t going to be convincing anyone white nationalism is an ideology of peace. “They could be your neighbors, your coworkers, people you pass in the grocery store and I think it’s really important to put a spotlight on these people”, he said. It will potentially be able to quickly identify those in a crowd.

Facial recognition technology has been criticized for its poor ability to identify black people.

Another widely trafficked post from the same account identified the wrong white supremacist.

Still, even in its infancy, the technology is now being used at several law enforcement agencies across the country.

Those willing to spew hatred in public are going to reckon with that sooner or later.