He played in only one regular season game in each of his two seasons with the Cavs, but sitting on the sidelines has given him enough time to review the top players in the league.

Appearing on the Barstool Sports “Mickstape” podcast late last week, ex-Cleveland forward Dahntay Jones revealed that he doesn’t consider Curry a top-10 player in the National Basketball Association.

Dahntay Jones, who has had courtside seats to many of Curry’s most incredible performances, doesn’t seem to care about all of the things the superstar point guard has accomplished. The 36-year-old free agent says Curry just misses the cut.

The fact that he has had that type of impact on the entire should speak to the level of talent that he possesses on the court that should garner the respect as being a top-10 player in the National Basketball Association. “I got him on the outside, like 11-12”. “They’re going to the Finals without (Kevin Durant)”.

Jones also had Klay Thompson on the outside looking in, and he went so far as to suggest Draymond Green has the most irreplaceable skill set of anyone on the Warriors roster.

We asked the ESPN Forecast panel of 44 experts to rank its top three choices for the 2017-18 Western Conference champions, with a first-place vote receiving five points, a second-place vote receiving three and a third-place vote receiving one.

While it’s fair to say Jones is entitled to his opinion, it’s also important to consider context here.

Reaction on Twitter to Jones’ stance on Curry was pretty amusing, and Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade chimed in with an emoji. There’s zero ambiguity when it comes to his loyalty in this rivalry.