After the original series ended in 1991, Lynch directed “Fire Walk With Me” in 1992, a feature film that served as a cryptic prequel to the beloved surreal drama.

Twin Peaks mastermind David Lynch has dedicated Part 14 of the rebooted series to David Bowie.

Bowie’s role was, in concrete terms, nothing more than a cameo: a vision of Jeffries appears suddenly at the Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters in Philadelphia, distraught and rambling about a woman named Judy.

The inclusion of the sequence is the next best thing to Bowie appearing in newly-filmed scenes, which was on the cards before he passed away previous year.

However, Jeffries has become increasingly central to the plot of season 3, the show’s grand revival; Jeffries, or at least someone assuming his identity, has been in contact with Dale Cooper’s evil doppelganger, and even paid his associates to have Bad Cooper killed.

In an interview from previous year with the Dallas News, Harry Goaz (Andy) mentioned that Bowie was meant to return to the series for a “cameo”, but was unable to prior to his passing. Lynch also honoured the rocker with a note at the end of credits, dedicating the episode to his memory. It may not have been quite the appearance fans had hoped for when rumors of Bowie’s Twin Peaks return started making the rounds, but viewers were unsurprisingly emotional after the episode aired.