Among the many living Game of Thrones characters, Rhaegar and his importance has never been forgotten.

This article contains possible MAJOR spoilers for future episodes of “Game Of Thrones“, so if you plan on reading further, we’ll assume that you either don’t care about that sort of thing, or are some kind of masochist.

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What do you hope to see on Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones?

Rhaegar Targaryen, who died before the events of the series commenced, is the brother of Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen and the husband of the late Elia Martell, and as we found out at the end of season six, he also fathered Jon Snow with Lyanna Stark. A full free 30-day trial is part of your Amazon Prime membership, too! For now, we’re going to focus on Prime Video. The service gives you access to Amazon Originals content, thousands of movies, and equally as many TV shows. The price is $99/year which equals a one-time payment of $8.75 per month. Amazon Prime memberships cost $99/annually. Some channels also have live stream options. HBO is one of those options and is available for $15/month. With this HBO channel you’ll be able to watch the Game of Thrones “Eastwatch” live stream when it airs and on-demand whenever you want. Make sure to also sign up for DIRECTV NOW’s free seven-day trial.

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It is now understood that Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna and hid her away in Dorne, although what happened then remains unclear, and it has been speculated that Scolding and Franciosi may appear together in a scene that shows the two characters getting married. This gives a discount on each episode and ensures that you receive each episode in your digital library like clockwork.