There have been leaked pictures that have shown iPhone 8 models with fingerprint sensor at back but they are few in number and aesthetically displeasing to say the least.

While Android handsets have been utilising larger displays for many years now, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays are still relatively new for iPhone users. Almost all the leaks and renders we’ve seen of the iPhone 8 have had a black bezel and notch.

We’ve previously heard plenty of rumours about the iPhone 8 ditching the physical Home key due to its vast expanse of edge-to-edge OLED display real-estate, and we’ve also heard about the so-called “Function Area” which is said to be a specific portion of the display dedicated to taking on the Home key role, as well as, as the title would suggest, a series of functions. Here are the latest photos and a hands-on video of the iPhone 8 dummy model. So what’s the iPhone 8 all about and when is it being released? For example, perhaps when we get a chance to do an iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7S Plus camera comparison we will find the iPhone 8 is best-suited for AR while the iPhone 7S Plus has its own strengths like portraits.

Someone quickly made a mock-up of what the new iPhone screen could look like in terms of usable space. A Business Insider report recently said that the device may not make it to the shelves this year, another report by DigiTimes claims that iPhone 8 production is on schedule and could hit stores in October. “We are still awaiting Apple’s final decision before shipping parts”.

Because it doesn’t have any bezels, the iPhone 8 has a screen similar to that of the iPhone 7 Plus, despite being only slightly bigger than the normal iPhone 7.

The Apple iPhone 8 will probably have a bigger screen that the normal iPhone 7, but you could always get an iPhone 7 Plus if screen size is a factor for you. The iPhone 7 was a mild update compared to the iPhone 6, and it looks like Apple is really stepping its game up with the iPhone 8. And it’s about time. Well, no iPhone is “cheap”, but the upcoming model will cost much more than other models.