Rajat Nath, Kanchan’s husband, said, “This incident happened because the BMC did not allow the society to cut the tree, despite being informed”. In what can be called a freak of nature the woman who was taking her daily walk after a fresh spell of rain on Thursday died as the coconut tree fell right on top of her and in the process it took her life.

A 25ft-high coconut tree comes crashing down on to Kanchan who was a host on the government-run Doordarshan channel.

Mrs Nath was pinned down by the weight of the tree, suffering catastrophic internal injuries and fractures.

Passers-by pulled her out from under the tree and rushed her to hospital. The entire incident was captured by a CCTV camera installed at a nearby shop.

Colleague Rekha Rao paid tribute to Nath.

The victim was identified as Kanchana and she is said to be a former TV anchor.

Surprisingly, an application was filed to cut the same tree on February 17, this year, and a fee of Rs. 1,380 was also deposited. The local councillor, Asha Marathe has demanded action from the BMC and an enquiry for the accused officials responsible for being negligent.

“Because of the negligence of some officials my wife lost her life”.

Meanwhile, colleagues at the Rangmanch Ke Sitare music awards which Kanchan was to host later this month, have postponed the event in light of the tragic news.