Bin Zayed also expressed the UAE’s willingness to improve relations with Israel, but noted that the Arab monarchy can not do that publicly, unless there is progress in Israel’s so-called peace process with the Palestinians.

Almost half of Israelis think that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is corrupt, but he is still the candidate found to be most suited to be prime minister, a poll by Panels Politics for The Jerusalem Post’s sister newspaper Ma’ariv found Thursday. “The only one”, Netanyahu told four European leaders yesterday during a closed meeting that was inadvertently caught by an open microphone. The mic was finally turned off, but not before reporters managed to hear Netamyahu lambasting the European Union for its attitude towards Israel.

Netanyahu highlighted Israel’s growing technological collaborations with India and China, without such conditions.

It was not clear from Netanyahu’s remarks whether he was quoting the Indian PM running down Palestine’s ability to offer India anything or giving his own interpretation on the reason that Modi skipped Palestine during his recent visit.

Indian officials insist that India’s balancing act on the Israeli-Palestine issue continues despite this decision, specifically pointing out that the Palestine’s president, Mahmoud Abbas, had visited India in June, before Modi’s Israel visit. And they don’t care. “Ramallah? No”, according to Ha’aretz, which drew upon the full excerpts for its story. Europe is undermining its security by undermining Israel. Don’t undermine the only country in the region that is looking after Europe’s interests.

“Europe is endangering its own development by endangering its ties with Israel over this insane attempt to create conditions” for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, he said, adding that Israel is right there and Europe is disconnecting itself from this massive center of innovation.

“We are part of the European culture”, Netanyahu later says.

Headed by BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav, the India Foundation on Friday organised a breakfast briefing on PM’s U.S. and Israel visits which was attended by envoys of more than 30 countries and saw participation of more than 50 foreign missions.

Opposition parties may have upped the ante against the government for bringing in a paradigm change in its policy towards Israel but the ruling BJP is making no bones about the warmth in ties with the Jewish nation. The Israeli PM indicated his unhappiness with former President Barack Obama, saying that situation is different and “stronger” now.

The comment about water and Ramallah that Netanyahu attributed to Narendra Modi purportedly came during the Indian prime minister’s visit to Israel earlier this month.

Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu on the beach at Haifa. The Israeli prime minister accompanied Modi, the first Indian PM to visit Israel, to nearly all his destinations during his three-day trip.

“I need more water, clean water”.