Yes, we are adjusting to this new political landscape where Republican leaders and right-wing institutions brazenly attack truth and our trust in institutions critical to a functional democracy.

If the only thing that comes to mind is #Resist, then I fear we have a problem.

D’Alessandro said the evolution has been stark.

Ryan “will continue to support his colleagues across the GOP conference as we prepare for the 2018 elections”, said Ryan spokesman Zack Roday. “We had no one“.

Jason Crow, a Democrat running for Congress in a Colorado swing district, said voters regularly ask him about the Russian Federation story, which “goes to the core of our institutions and our faith in government”. Which means they’re perfectly fine with Trump acting more like a kleptocratic despot than the head of the executive branch of a democratic republic.

Sanders’ age and the questions about his wife Jane Sanders’ actions in her role at the now-defunct Burlington College are potential liabilities. Adults under 30 are actually more likely to find conversations with people of the opposite political persuasion interesting than are older Americans, 42 percent to 33 percent. Sanders has hosted swing state rallies focused on health care in West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and OH in recent weeks and was in Iowa on Saturday. In the last month, the GOP increased by 2,319 and the Democrats dropped by 620.

Republicans face continued criticism for their botched Obamacare repeal and replace efforts while allegations of collusion between the president’s campaign and the Russian government continue to swirl.

Schumer also blasted President Donald Trump’s call for letting Obamacare fail, accusing him of “actively trying to undermine the healthcare system in this country, using millions of Americans as political pawns in a cynical game”.

Nationally, ambitious Democrats know not to focus too heavily on 2020 – so they’ve been cautious about treading too heavily onto early-state terrain.

Biden will set out this fall on a 19-city book tour. Schumer told me in December that Democrats would have “five, six sharp-edged [policies] that can be described in five words”, although it sounds as if the plan hasn’t come out quite so lean.

But there are still Democrats-especially in state offices-who occupy something like the liberal center that Bill Clinton helped forge in the 1990s.

Still, there is “no shortage of enthusiasm among Democrats to take on Trump”, according to Republican strategist Doug Heye.

The backdrop for it all, of course, was the idiosyncratic behavior of the President of the United States, who once again proved himself to be both the dominant political figure of the moment and also oddly detached from the specifics of the affairs of state.

“I am not taking it off the table”.

Democrats have put forward our ideas to stabilize markets and lower premiums next year for families, give people more choices, expand coverage, and more.

One of those small ways: Instead of bolting from the stage, as he usually does after speeches, Sanders lingered Saturday, shaking hands and taking pictures.

Republican presidential candidates have carried Kentucky in every election since George W. Bush in 2000 and the Kentucky House of Representatives went under GOP control after the 2016 election for the first time in 95 years.

“We have nearly enough Berners to hold the majority”. You are the reason President Trump hasn’t signed his terrible bill into law yet, and we’re only days away from making sure he doesn’t ever get the chance.

Guess what? We’re still at the table.