CBS was due for a change in its evening news. This year, the fifth year, LISD students will make their way to NYC to attend the workshop and spend time with Pelley. He has been at CBS News for more than 30 years, joining the network in 1986 in the London bureau.

Pelley, who is now in Syria on assignment for a “60 Minutes” story, was absent from the broadcast Wednesday evening, with Jeff Glor filling in. Per the report, Pelley is being moved permanently over to the network’s newsmagazine 60 Minutes.

As widely speculated last night, and denied by CBS, Scott Pelley is out as anchor of “The CBS Evening News“. Pelley won respect and early ratings success in the evening.

CBS News chiefs had been in talks with Willie Geist previous year, but insiders said he wanted too much money to leave NBC.

Evening news programs were long considered to be the major broadcasts for network news, however the infiltration of live news on demand through the internet and 24-hour cable news networks undermined their importance and the audience count went down in the recent years. But it has proven less so for the Donald Trump era. But collectively, they still reach more than 20 million viewers each night for half-hour summaries of the day’s news.

On Tuesday, sources told CNNMoney that Pelley was being pushed out because “Evening News” was struggling in the ratings race. He’s now in the Middle East reporting and will be moving to the 60 Minutes office upon his return.

Scott Pelley, who couldn’t lift the CBS Evening News out of its perennial third-place ratings finish, is being replaced, according to news reports.

Pelley, 59, was on assignment overseas Wednesday. Mason, who is one of the most experienced journalists at CBS News, will continue to co-anchor CBS This Morning with Alex Wagner.

A source said, “Pelley asked for the curtains of his office to be opened, so everyone in the news division could see, as the boxes from office were lined up outside with his Texas home address on them”.

He added he is “glad to accept this assignment” noting “CBS has been great to me for almost 30 years”. “I’m glad to accept this assignment with continuing gratitude”.

There have been behind-the-scenes signals that a shift was coming.