I’m regretting it as I’m saying it. And for you to call me Judge Judy? I felt in control.

“I made a mistake this time”. I was telling people where to vote, I was making big moves. And me and Sarah had a really good relationship. Sierra also promised Sarah she would will the advantage to her if voted out of the game, and that was reason enough for Sarah to go after her and take her out. “We talked every night, every morning”, she shared. I’m excited to meet [Caleb] outside of the game, but I really didn’t like him inside of the game. Well, yes, I obviously thought them, but I thought Brad did! But, I understand where he was in his position of, I have these two girls that I’m not in an alliance with.

What do you think of the results on Survivor Season 34 last night?

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As for how Brad feels about Thomas’ choice, she joked he’s still giving her “crap about it”. How different was the guy that you saw versus the who many people perceived him to be going in? I have said this before, but everyone goes to Sarah this season. He voted me out.

The first time you played, the perception was that you stuck with one alliance the whole way through. Because the moment my name was read and I realized I was going home, I looked at him and there was no emotion. Her and I had been sitting there for a while, having a conversation. Yeah, I didn’t last as long, but I played the game. If I was going to say anything I should have just said it was an immunity idol, not that I got to will it to somebody. But I wanted to see my daddy!

Going back to Brad, how disappointed were you that he didn’t pick you to go on the reward challenge? Did coming on the show last minute change your preparation in any way? I mean those are moments I’m away from my family that I’ll never get back. I felt ridiculous, stupid, embarrassed.

“I really enjoyed season 30”. But she also knows that in a game for a million dollars, betraying your close friends can be “the right thing”. Hello! Look at some of the other people out there – I’m going to go play? So, yeah. I was like, I’m going to go out, I’m going to surprise everybody else, and I’m going to surprise myself. So I thought, I mean, I wasn’t 100 percent but I was probably like 60 percent confident, “I’m alright tonight”. But, yeah, I think it was a big reason why I went home. “I just flew off the handle”. As it turned out, she became a behind-the-scenes puppet master, calling the shots and devising strategy from the comfort of her hammock – heck, she was one of the chief decision-makers behind voting out Malcolm Freberg at the two-tribe Tribal Council. Did you feel like that in some ways made you more of a target? I had a case at the end of this game to say I was a part of this, I was in charge of this, I told everyone to do this. Hearing them say that, maybe they were intimidated! She played me. She played me like a fiddle.

Reality TV World: Are you friends with Sarah now or could you see yourself becoming friends with her again?

How much of an awareness was there about Tai’s idols?

I had no idea he had two in his pocket, honestly.

Game Changers episode “It Is Not a High Without a Low“, another castaway is voted out of the game after playing for time with a loved one. Where do they put their stuff?’ They’ll just have to see what happens, but the mercurial Michaela is, for the moment, in a much better mood.

Sierra: At Ponderosa. Once the next person joins us, I find out.

In terms of the family visit, I imagine that it had to be hard not getting to spend time with your loved one, but did that experience of being left behind influence why you thought Michaela and Tai were with you? Let’s see, where are we?

When you are let down emotionally and you’re at the bottom, you reach for everything. Does Sarah return the favor and disclose her own advantage, in the form of the Vote Steal she procured in the past few days? I had Michaela, and Michaela had Tai at that point.

“It’s so hard because I want to say Brad and Troyzan, but I did have that relationship with Sarah“.

Troyzan’s been nearly a ghost this season.

So you’ve done this twice now.

But I think the damage was done.

I have a visceral reaction every time I watch a loved ones episode on Survivor. I learned a lot this time, and I feel like I could really do some wonderful things if given the opportunity to play again.