What’s the truth behind Simmons’ lawsuit?

It continued, “National Enquirer and Radar Online have miscalculated”.

It states Simmons often dressed as a woman as part of his public persona.

Simmons’ low profile has been out of character for the 67-year-old Simmons who for so long had been a regular presence on television. And there’s a valid reason to fight back against the rumors: Doing so sets a clear message that gender transitioning is a serious topic that should be treated with dignity and respect, not one that’s relegated to tabloid rumors. In 2014, Simmons stepped out of the public spotlight, which resulted in speculation about why he stepped away.

Simmons is now suing the media outlets for invasion of privacy and libel.

The suit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The original stories were published from June 2016 to March 2017. “Mr. Simmons is not a woman; he has not undergone or contemplated sex-change surgery, or any surgery whatsoever to change from a man to a woman; he has not slowly transformed, or transformed in any way, into a female”. That way, the tabloid can claim that it thought whatever lie it was publishing was true at the time, even if it definitely wasn’t. It also said his retreat from public life is not a justification for the publication of false stories about him. A podcast, “Missing Richard Simmons”, has been among the most popular series of its kind this year.

In the photos, Simmons is featured wearing different dresses and showing off lingerie. An insider claims that Simmons underwent “a boob job” and that he was “taking hormones to make them grow”.

What’s hard about this is that Richard Simmons is trying to deny such allegations without causing offense to the LGBTQ community, whom he fully supports.

Beloved U.S. fitness guru and TV personality Richard Simmons has launched a libel lawsuit against bosses at American Media Inc. over stories suggesting he is transitioning into a woman.

The publications named in the suit wrote Monday in a statement that, “This is a legitimate news story that demands coverage”.

The lawsuit – which seeks unspecified damages – alleges that the Enquirer and Radar “knew and acted in reckless disregard” by relying on a tipster “who was not a credible or reliable source”. Since then, Simmons was hospitalized for indigestion and released.

A rep for Simmons refused to comment on the lawsuit. For instance, Tom Cruise once won a default judgment against a porn actor who claimed an affair, while a NY appeals court in 2012 ruled that defamation suits premised on one’s sexuality are “based on the flawed premise that it is shameful and disgraceful to be described as lesbian, gay or bisexual”. “Richard is very glad get his side of the story out”.