“It will also be globally devastating both on the environmental and economical levels”.

The Anonymous video also discussed North Korea’s relations with Japan and South Korea. The U.S. has been seeking help from North Korean ally China to get Kim Jong Un to end his nuclear program, but so far those efforts have been unsuccessful.

“Australia isn’t immune to the chess pieces moving into place either, a strategic location in the Indian ocean, United States marines are amassing in the Northern Territory and are ready for anything”. It also said it would be more “brutal” than the previous World Wars.

World War 3 is coming and the world should prepare.

The group, which has declared its opposition to Donald Trump and terrorist groups, said the war would be different from the ongoing battles in the Middle East, including Syria and Yemen, as “other nations will be forced to choose sides”.

According to the hactivist collective, the actions of the surrounding nations may reveal what is actually going on in what could be the run-up to World War 3.

“China has reportedly told its citizens living in North Korea to waste no time returning home”, the group says in reference to the unprecedented message the Chinese Embassy in North Korea recently issued.

Japan, too, is warning its citizens, the video notes: “They were told to keep a solid nearby building in mind to take cover in an announcement they would have no more than a 10-min warning of an impending nuclear strike”.

Such a strike was further evidenced by the U.S.’ launching of two unarmed, yet nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles thousands of miles into the Pacific in recent weeks and the arrival last month of 1,250 USA marines and a number of aircraft to northern Australia, Anonymous argued. U.S. Marines have deployed to Australia, Anonymous added. Economically, it would put them back behind the eight-ball as they deal with an influx of refugees over the border and the very real threat of a devastating war.

Despite the USA reportedly testing its own nuclear-capable missiles that could potentially hit the country, President Donald Trump said he would be “honored” to meet Jong-Un “if it would be appropriate” to do so.