For example, Fortune discussed the moves in an article titled “Microsoft Doubles Down on Cloud Databases to Fend Off Amazon and Google“. “Azure Cosmos DB will seamlessly replicate your data wherever your users are”.

And because Cosmos DB is running on an intelligent cloud system, all of this power and flexibility can be accessed with a computer using a web browser or even a mobile smartphone on the fly.

Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 is available in 12 markets across Asia Pacific: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Macao, Philippines, Bangladesh, Brunei, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Cosmos DB is a multi-model, globally distributed database service that leverages the Azure intelligent cloud, which according to Microsoft, makes it both more powerful and more flexible than other database services.

“What Orwell prophesied in ‘1984, ‘ where technology was being used to monitor, control, dictate, or what Huxley imagined we may do just by distracting ourselves without any meaning or goal”, Nadella said in his opening keynote.”The future of computing is going to be defined by the choices that you as developers make and the impact of those choices on the world”.

On Wednesday, the company unveiled Azure Cloud Shell, which lets developers spin up a full-fledged terminal environment inside Microsoft’s cloud and comes with a set of preconfigured tools for managing deployments.

It offers throughput, latency, availability and consistency guarantees.

This included the Cosmos DB, a replacement for, or upgrade to, Microsoft’s Document DB NoSQL database. It also offers five consistency models to pick from: strong, eventual, bounded staleness, session and consistent prefix. The cloud database service likely won’t be a good fit for financial transactions or analytics, but it could serve as a solid operational database, Baer said. Azure Database Migration Service, now in limited preview, automates the assessment, schema conversions and data transfer of on-premises databases to Azure. Microsoft has enhanced its support for popular database software like MySQL and PostgreSQL helping companies bring their Oracle databases or Microsoft SQL Server databases, to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft kicked off its annual developer conference, Build, with style in Seattle.

The company also took the wraps off Azure Cosmos DB, which it’s calling “the industry’s first globally distributed, multimodel database service” with 99th-percentile uptime and millisecond latency. “We have turned to the cloud to help us get the best from our data and our people as we accelerate our global growth”.

Nonetheless, Ronthal expressed skepticism whether such migration services address the three main aspects of moving one database to another: schema conversions, data migrations and application conversions.

During last two fiscal years, the software giant has booked more revenue from outside the USA than from within it. In 2014, Microsoft has made a decision to introduce Azure DocumentDB in preview form for that developer who wanted a NoSQL service for their own application development.

Capabilities around Azure Functions, which was rolled out at the conference previous year, were extended this week, too.

Out of the preview, Visual Studio for Mac is now generally available.