During a recent interview on TNT, former Oklahoma City center Kendrick Perkins discussed the relationship between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

During training camp, Westbrook told reporters he wasn’t answering any additional questions about Durant, though he did handle a few in early February, leading up to Durant’s return game in Oklahoma City.

Durant spent eight seasons alongside Westbrook with the Thunder before leaving to join the Golden State Warriors on a two-year deal worth over $54 million. In reality, the Durant-Westbrook beef was probably never as serious as people would like to have believed.

With Kevin Durant making the move to reach out to his former teammate after his historic achievement of breaking Hall of Famer Oscar Roberston’s long-standing triple-double single-season record, it could pave the way for further mending of their friendship. In their first matchup against each other in Oakland, neither player interacted with the other. “They’re back on talking terms”.

Kevin Durant said it was too touchy to congratulate Russell Westbrook on his contract extension last summer. “I’ve been feeling love since I got here”.

Westbrook said following the February 11 contest – a 130-114 Warriors victory – that he had moved on, with him focused on his team while Durant focuses on his. Thanks to Perkins, it looks like Durant finally mustered up the courage to call Westbrook and have a conversation, man to man.

Now, it seems that he is still having an impact on them.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he [Durant] goes back to Oklahoma because in my opinion I don’t think Russ is going nowhere”. “I think he’s a tremendous competitor and we’re fortunate to have him, and we’ll have a conversation and hopefully, it goes our way”. He’s that type of guy. And one thing about him, he not begging anyone to come and play with him.

Ashish Mathur is an National Basketball Association writer at TheSportsBlaze.